Play at Sea Series : Xtra




Tiderace has created another extraordinary kayak. Designed for surf and rock hopping, the Xtra makes all the traditional play manoeuvres easy and new ones possible! Incorporating a planing hull and loads of rocker, this highly controllable boat plays the sea with abandon. Quick acceleration for bursting through the eddyline or initiating a surf, excellent stability for carving bottom turns, and loose ends for quick cut-backs are some of the results of this forward thinking design. Like all Tiderace sea kayaks, the Xtra is designed to keep pace with the group on a day trip. Load up your camping kit and paddle to your favourite remote play spot, the Xtra handles the sea in all conditions.


Model Suitable paddler weight Length
Paddler 80/kayak 25kg
65 – 90 kg 505cm overall 56cm overall 30.5cm 87 x 49cm
435cm waterline 55cm waterline
Xtra HV
Paddler 90/kayak 25kg
80 – 100 kg 505cm overall 56.5cm overall 32.5cm 87 x 49cm
435cm waterline 55.4 cm waterline

Volumes in Litres...

Model Front Foredeck Day
Rear Cockpit Total
Xtra 70 6 43 69 152 337
Xtra HV 75 6 48 75 165 369
A C  D A

Stability curve generated for Xtra and Xtra HV

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